Every individual credit report is different. We start with a free consultation. Once we understand your goals and objectives we obtain and evaluate the credit reports from the 3 major bureaus and target all the individual items that are affecting your score negatively. We need to know not only what negative items are on your credit report but we need to know what you are planning on purchasing in the near and long term. Whether it’s buying a house, or purchasing an automobile or wanting to reduce your monthly costs, we need to make a well thought out plan in order to maximize your purchasing power and reduce the associated cost. To do this requires a clear picture of your objectives so we can help accomplish your plan.

DOES DISPUTING NEGATIVE items during Credit Repair affect your Credit Scores?  Our disputing negative items in the Credit Repair process has NO affect on your Credit Scores.  Disputing does not lower or raise your FICO Scores!  After the dispute process is finished, you will end up with either negative items removed and your Credit Scores will go up OR the disputed items will remain on your Credit Reports and your Credit Scores will remain the same.  Removing negative items can make your FICO Scores go up BUT only how you use your credit can cause you scores to go down.

Based on a recent independent study of the credit bureaus, 79%, or approximately 175 million Americans, had one or more errors on their credit report. Implementing our State-of-the-Art Credit Repair System,  combined with 20 years of Financial and Credit Repair Experience provides the necessary tools to deliver the best results possible. Clients can start seeing negative items removed from their Credit Reports in as little as 45 days, including:

  • late payments
  • collections
  • charge offs
  • bankruptcies    
  • medical bills
  • tax liens
  • judgments
  • repossessions
  • foreclosures


  • Length of credit history
  • Types of Credit
  • New Credit
  • Payments History
  • Capacity

Freedom Credit Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to help you develop A FINANCIAL WELLNESS PLAN designed to increase your FICO Scores