At FCS we have a very simple but highly effective approach to Credit Repair. That is, we treat each client as though they are our only client. We help each and every client to better understand the credit reporting process and establish realistic credit goals and objectives. We believe that educating the client about the credit repair system is the first step to achieving the desired results.

Many Americans are living lives with Financial uncertainty, often despite having very good jobs with better than average income.  That’s where FCS and our idea of Financial Wellness comes in. Financial health is not just about how much money you make or how well you understand finance.  Financial health is about behavior and a sense of Financial Security.  In other words, how you spend your money and how secure you are with your ability to take care of yourself and your family.  This analysis is just one part of the FCS Credit Assessment of your Financial Wellness well-being that we help each client understand during our Credit Repair dispute process.

Let FREEDOM CREDIT SOLUTIONS help you take the action necessary to fix your credit so that it reflects your true financial value and hard work.

Education is power! Learn what BAD Credit is really costing you and your family! Bad credit affect more than just your finances. It can also affect your sense of security, limit your personal freedom and cause excess amounts of stress on your family which can lead to unhappiness and poor health. Don’t do nothing! Take control of your life and fix your credit and start on the road to financial security.

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the government agency that regulates the Credit Bureaus, ERRORS on your Credit Reports is one of the main reasons for consumers NOT being able to get approval for their purchases.  In addition, a GoBankingRates study found more than 60% of respondents had less than $1,000 in a savings account and 21% had NO savings account at all.  To help correct this, FCS is dedicated to ensuring that every client gets all the Credit they Deserve!


Payment history 35% of score​
Amount owed vs. available credit 30%
Length of credit history 15%
New credit obtained 10%
​Types of credit used 10%