OUR MISSION: TO PROVIDE FINANCIAL WELLNESS AND EXCELLENT CREDIT REPAIR FOR EVERY CLIENT. That is, to give our FOCUS and ATTENTION to every customer’s Credit so they can achieve Financial Freedom when making Financial and Credit Decisions.

We are a CPA Driven Executive Management Team with over 24 years of Financial and Auditing experience and over 20 years of combined Credit Repair experience with a proven track record for success. We don’t want to be the biggest Credit Repair company-we want to be the BEST Credit Repair company. That’s why our approach is built around client education AND improving your FICO Scores. We don’t want to just raise your Credit Scores; we want you to change how you handle your Financial Credit and how you deal with your Fiscal responsibilities. In other words we will help you make Financial Life-Style change. This will enable you to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and start saving for the future.

To help us accomplish this Mission, we use our State-of-the-Art Credit Repair technology and our association with The Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches to ensure that we are constantly on the leading edge so we can provide what consumers need in order to live a more Financially secure life.

With our FINANCIAL WELLNESS PROGRAM we look at the entire Credit picture for each client and providing information that will help individuals with their financial decisions. We do this by educating, planning and developing the best strategy for credit repair which will ultimately raise their credit scores to maximum potential.

From bankruptcies, to foreclosures, to tax liens, to charge-offs, to judgments, to student loans, to medical delinquencies we use our expertise and Credit Repair software technology to remove incorrect and inaccurate information from every Credit Report. Our years of experience in the Credit Repair Industry and our hands-on approach to Financial Wellness and Credit Repair have helped many of our valued clients to turn their lives around and get back on the road to Financial Security.

WE LOVE TO HEARFrom Our Clients